Current Tenants

New & Current Tenants

Emergencies and Maintenance Issues

  • Life-threatening emergencies: contact 911 immediately, then contact:
    • Eric Jensen at (240) 447-6944 and
    • Sam Luke at (734) 323-7919.
  • For electric or gas emergencies, contact DTE at (800) 477-4747.
  • For maintenance issues, contact Sam Luke at (734) 323-7919.

Rent Payments

Rent payments are due by the first of the month and can be paid electronically through Venmo or Apple Pay. Checks or Money Orders will also be accepted and should be mailed to arrive by the first of the month.

Useful documents

Utilities & Mail

Contact the following utility companies to start/stop the following utilities:

Laundry Options

  • Tenants at 413 Washtenaw
    Coin operated washers and dryers are available in the apartment buildings next to 413 Washtenaw. For more details about how to get in and use the laundry, contact Eric Jensen.
  • Mr. Stadium Coin Operated Laundry
    Coin operated laundromat near the intersection of Stadium and Industrial Highway
  • Campus Laundry on Wheels
    Laundry pick up and delivery service
  • Busybodys Student Laundry
    Laundry pick up and delivery service