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Maintenance Requests


These are the most common and need to be fixed, but don’t need to resolved immediately. Examples: Running toilet, dripping faucet, slow drain, garbage disposal problems, parking concerns, light not working

Use: RentCafe Portal to submit and track online maintenance requests

Or, call Oxford Customer Service: (734) 747-6000

Or, send an email to:

Life Threatening Emergencies

Examples: Fires & Other life threatening situations

Call 911 immediately

Then call Oxford Customer Service
(734) 747-6000

Electric or Gas Emergecies

Examples: Major gas leaks, electrical wire down outside

Call: DTE @ (800) 477-4747

Then call Oxford Customer Service
(734) 747-6000

Urgent Maintenance Issues

Examples: Power outage, any type of gas leak, leaking water pipe that can’t be stopped, sewer backup, locked out, no hot water, temperature in unit below 65°, toilet not working

Call Oxford Customer Service
(734) 747-6000

Making Payments

There are several convenient options for making rent payments. Choose the one that is best for you. Rent payments are due by the first of each month.

RentCafe Tenant Portal (Varying transaction fees)

Set up and use the RentCafe Portal (Varying transaction fees will be applied)

  • Set up electronic funds transfers using your bank account or debit/credit card. 
  • Set up Auto-Pay. Auto-Pay will allow you to make payments on the date you specify each month. Set it and forget it. Note: Auto-Pay can take up to 30 days to set up
    • If you have roommates and plan to use Auto-Pay, each person should choose  option 2 when setting up Auto-Pay. 
  • Fees
    • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) from your bank account
      • The maximum ACH transaction fee is $1.95/transaction
    • Debit card transactions
      • The payment agent charges a service fee of $3.95/transaction
    • Credit card
      • The payment agent charges a service fee as a percentage of your payment.
        • Amex: 3.00%, Visa: 2.20%, MasterCard: 2.20%, Diners: 2.20%, Discover: 2.20%, JCB: 2.20%, UnionPay: 2.20%
          • Example: If your rent payment is $1,500 and your RentCafe account is linked to your Visa card, the payment agent will charge 2.2% or $33.00 per transaction, which means your total monthly payment will be $1,533.00. 

Pay by Check or Money Order (No transaction fees)

Make checks payable to: eJensen Rental Properties and include your address in the memo portion of the check

  • Drop off the check in the Oxford rent drop box @ 1001 E. University or
  • Mail the check to:
    Oxford Companies
    777 E. Eisenhower Pkwy, Suite 850
    Ann Arbor, MI 48108


All utilities should be set up in the tenants’ name(s) starting when tenants move in and ending when tenants move out


Check your lease to determine which utilities you will need to set up in your name. In most cases, it will only be electricity through DTE

Electricity & Gas

DTE Energy
Call: (800) 477-4747

Trash, Recycling, Water

City of Ann Arbor
Call: (734) 794-6320

Internet, WiFi, Cable

Call: (888) 266-2278

Laundry Options for 413 Washtenaw & 526 S. Division

Tenants at 413 Washtenaw
Coin operated washers and dryers are available in the apartment buildings next to 413 Washtenaw. The buildings are owned and managed by Jones Properties and they have agreed to allow tenants at 413 Washtenaw to use their laundry units.

Other Laundry Options
Mr. Stadium Coin Operated Laundry – Coin operated laundromat near the intersection of Stadium and Industrial Highway

Campus Laundry on Wheels – Laundry pick up and delivery service

Busybodys Student Laundry – Laundry pick up and delivery service


Parking spaces are available for a monthly fee at 526 S. Division, 602 Monroe St. and 507 & 511 Church Street. Priority is given to tenants living in each building, then to tenants living at other eJensen Rental Properties, tenants living in other Oxford properties and finally, to non-tenants.

Hangtags are required for all vehicles parked at 526 S. Division, 507 & 511 Church and 602 Monroe.

There are no extra spaces at these properties for friends, family or other visitors.

For tenants living at 413 Washtenaw where no on-site parking is available, the Carriage House apartments (located directly across the street) often have available spaces for rent to non-tenants. Contact the Carriage House management office at (734) 741-9300 for more details.